Getting To Know You: Andrea Lechner-Becker

1. Name and title

Andrea Lechner-Becker, Chief Strategy Officer at LeadMD and SixBricks

2. What do you do in your current role?

I run the services of a consulting firm, LeadMD, and then run the product and curriculum development team for our education platform, Six Bricks.

3. How long have you been in the Valley?

10 years.

4. What’s one of the most gratifying projects you’ve worked on in your career?

Although Six Bricks is an entire company, it’s the most gratifying project I’ve worked on. We are able to take people who either don’t know much about marketing or have lost faith in its wonder and get them excited about the topic, doing practical marketing exercises and into the workforce and landing awesome jobs. There’s nothing better than providing a venue for people to get talents that make them more valuable to employers.

5. What is your favorite part about the AZ tech scene?

It’s an open field.

6. What is your favorite book, podcast or news site?

The SaaStr podcast and site never lets me down. Their annual event is also my favorite.

7. What is one hobby, adventure or pastime that gets you over-the-top ecstatic just thinking about doing it?

Traveling Europe. I love art and history – so Europe is my playground.

8. One person in Arizona you’d like to have brunch with?

Michael Crow.

9. Tell us about your family (spouse, kids, pets, etc.)

I’ve got my main man Jake and then a couple of adorable mutts, Frankie and Mary – Queen of Arkansas. Both are named after Bruce Springsteen songs.